Ranjeev Deol (Olympian)
Junior Coach

The sport of field hockey in the Lower Mainland and especially Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Delta and Abbotsford took a major stride forward with the formation of a field hockey organization – West Coast Kings Field Hockey Club. The 9 at-large-member Board, whom instigated the club, have a long tenure in the world of field hockey. Each board member has been instrumental in creating a solid foundation in the Lower Mainland with previous clubs, creation of competitive tournaments, and fostering the sport’s development with youth aged groups.

With a proven track-record template for the sport’s growth in the community, West Coast Kings Field Hockey Club provides a great opportunity for the sport of field hockey in the Lower Mainland. The new club’s goal is to build awareness locally, regionally and nationally; and increase the player base. With various avenues of grassroots development, the club is opening its doors to new athletic members. The club host a large scale Canada Cup International Hockey Tournament on annual basis.

In recent years, field hockey has become one of the most popular competitive team sports. A non-contact sport with eleven players on each team, its similarity in field strategy, scoring and passing techniques to soccer makes it a natural sport to pick up. The only major differences include using a stick as the object that strikes the ball instead of a foot or leg. The stick has a curved end and, unlike ice hockey, players are only allowed to use one side (the flat side) of the stick. As a team sport, in field hockey, every player contributes to the overall accomplishments and direction of the team.

West Coast Kings Field Hockey Club is committed to supporting youth leagues, high school player development, and training with scholarship initiatives. The club’s long-term goal will be to facilitate youth focused camps ranging from the ages 8 -18, help to identify talented future Olympic level athletes, and to strengthen the level of the sport in Canada. The key components of the camps will be to develop youngsters in mastering fundamental skills; experiencing lots of game competition; making friends; and to demonstrate personal/team progress and success. In addition to encouraging sport development in the region, the West Coast Kings Field Hockey Club will be leading the charge for the sports infrastructure by enforcing parent behaviour guidelines and new guidelines for safe play.